‘The skin in which I reside’ Sofie.dmg by Samlivm2

Model: Sofie.dmg

Photo: Samlivm2

“The skin in which I reside is not my choice. We have the choice to gain or lose weight, to get tattoos, plastic surgery, to wear a certain style of clothes or hair, to cake ourselves with make up or present ourselves with a naked face showcasing the genes we’ve received at birth. However, the changes we make on the outside are limited and often times rarely represent who we truly are. This skin in no way shows who I really am no matter how much I modify it. For this form is simply where my soul resides. My soul in which has traveled many planes of existence with reminents of the stars in every molecule. I am beautiful but not because of my skin and I strive to show the world the shining lights within this physical form.”

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