Strong looks soft

Bruna Castro by Fernanda Mansur

A fee words from Fernanda:

“I’m   a   photographer   and   stylist   from   Brazil.   For   the   past   year   I   have   been   trying   to   use   my   skills   to   showcase   some   very   inspiring   people,   but   right   now   I   am   specially   interest   in   tell   women’s stories, like Bruna’s. Not only we have been friends for more then a decade, but we   are also both love making art. She is a artist and dj and surprisingly, this was our first photoshoot together. We wanted   to create a story that has sensitivity but also shows how strong and powerfull a woman’s body   is,   how   is   important   to   be   confident   in   your   own   skin   because   that   is   where   true   beauty   is.

Since   we   leave   in   different   cities,   this   was   the   first   time   she   stayed   in   my   home,   in   Rio  de  Janeiro,   so   we   had   a   lot   of   time   together.   It  was a    opportunity   to   know   each   other   as   woman and no longer the teens we once were. It gave us new admiration for each other and   so we did this photoshoot, to celebrate a new Era.”