‘Anthitesis’ Beatriz Magalhaes by Artur L Photography

Model: Beatriz Magalhaes

Photo: Artur L Photography

Antithesis, a photographic critic to the nowadays society, where a lot of people tries to live through what they appear to be, rather than themselves, therefore it was needed a model who could represent the exact opposite of that reality being A person with very own characteristics, an internal energy a force of nature that in a few minutes shows its view of the world in an extremely positive and relaxed perspective, which perceives Art in its true essence, which easily embodies the papers that were presented to him in an uncomplexed way, adding always your personal touch.

For its apparent simplicity, way of being in life and seeing the World, the “Antithesis” appeared, an idea that after being accepted open heart because it is exactly the opposite of its essence and nature in terms of decor and environment and in a way a social criticism where luxury and ostentation are standardized as objectives of life, and where Beatriz will bring her soul dressed and only a few props that reflect the characters of society encased in alleged external beauty that can compensate for their personal failures, where to complete or just distract the eyes of the rest, opt for ostentation, forgetting that the Essential Beauty is internal, within each person regardless of their social status, possessions, and the like, for what is beautiful comes from within, and all those who have Beauty within you, easily let it out to the outside, regardless of clothing, clothing or props.